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Published Mon 27 Sep 2021

On 14/09/2021 the SCHC Committee moved to "Accept advice from HNSW to keep fields closed and not allow competition or training whilst there is no community sport
allowed". Unfortunately this includes Indoor Hockey.

Links below outline the advice from Hockey NSW and the NSW State Government

Hockey NSW COVID Update #13 - 09/0/921

NSW Government - 80 Percent Road Map

Following the NSW Government 80% Road Map would mean that we may still be able to hold a Round Robin style competition for a couple of weeks after the 1st of the December 2021. Details on what this may look like are still being decided.

This will be the 30th Year Anniversary of Indoor Hockey in Bega and the last year that it is to be held in the existing Bega Indoor Stadium - if you have any photos of Indoor Hockey over the past 30 years we would love to see them posted up on the facebook page!!

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